Full- or Self-Service Move - Which is Right for You?


Many people who are doing a long distance move or intrastate move weigh the option of a full-service vs. a self-service move. The primary difference between the two options will be the total price and the amount of time and effort involved in the move process.

A full-service move involves trained, experienced professionals who know how to pack and transport your items. Moving is a very specialized service involving special equipment, supplies, trucks and staff. Quality moving companies provide extensive training to their moving crews and foreman, which includes best practices and techniques to properly pack and transport your items.

Proper packing and the right equipment and supplies can substantially reduce the risk of damage to your goods. Also, professional movers have access to the necessary equipment and drivers to meet your deadlines. You can get a binding estimate with accurate costs by having a full-service mover visit your current home. During the in-house survey, the professional mover can also identify potential challenges or needs, considering the type of items you plan on moving.

Less costly

Self-service moving will, in most cases, cost less than full-service move. Self-service gives you a chance to control as little or as much of the packing and loading you want. More good self-service options are available where you can rent a mobile storage unit and have access to it for a number of days as you pack it up for transport.

Usually, a self-service move turns out to be much like a major home improvement project. Chances are it will take longer and cost more than expected. When you begin the process, you may realize that there are a number of things you didn’t know or understand.

If you’re a cost-conscious consumer who doesn’t mind doing the work required for a self-service move, get some quotes and compare them against prices for a full-service move.

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