HomeFinder.com Widgets

HomeFinder.com has over 10 years of experience as one of the most trusted Web sites for consumers to search for a home and connect with a real estate professional. These widgets can be added to your site for free to help your users find their next home!

Homes for Sale Widget

Provide your visitors with this comprehensive home search tool. Tap into the millions of listings on HomeFinder.com and help your visitors quickly find their next dream home.

Open House Widget

Offer your visitors an open house search, updated daily, with the most listings available toward the weekend.

Foreclosure Homes Widget

Offer your visitors a quick way to search foreclosures in your area. Listings from across the nation are included.

Widgets for Affiliates

If you are one of our affiliates we have a widget that you can integrate into your real estate portal for your market.

Affiliate Search Widget

This widget features a fluid design that fits within many sizes of containers. If your site has a responsive or fluid design, this version of our search widget is recommended.

The widget will inherit the general styling of your page, for a consistent looking integration.

The widget's content can be customized through the use of JavaScript. Follow this example:

<div id="searchPreview"><div>
<script src="http://www.homefinder.com/widgets/js/widgetLoader.js"></script>
    (function () {
      var widget = new HomeFinder.Widgets.Search({
        container: 'searchPreview',
        data: {
          affiliate: { name: 'Peoria Journal Star' },
          area: { city: 'Peoria', state: 'IL' },
          nearbyAreas: [ 
            { city: 'Hanna City', state: 'IL' },
            { city: 'Trivoli', state: 'IL'},
            { city: 'Farmington', state: 'IL'},
            { city: 'Canton', state: 'IL' }

The "container" property is used specify the ID of the element that should contain the widget. Alternatively, an actual element can be passed to this parameter. This element can be a size of your choosing. The widget works best when used in containers 450px to 700px wide, but has been designed in a fluid manner to fit within most reasonable sizes of containers. It is important to note that the height of the widget is not fixed, and may change in the future, or as the width of the container pushes elements lower on the page.

The "data" object contains properties used to customize the content. The affiliate name, primary search area, and any nearby cities can be set, which will be used within the text, default search area, and links to nearby areas. Future versions of the widget may use this data differently.

Technical implementation questions can be sent to apisupport@homefinder.com.

Advertiser Directory

Feature your advertiser's contact information in a simple way that updates itself. This widget inserts business-card-like tiles containing the names, phone numbers, and website links for your advertisers.

This widget will inherit the general styling of your page for a consistent looking integration.

The sizes of the tiles are fixed but the number of rows and columns is not. You can insert this widget into almost any sized container and it will adjust its layout automatically. You can even use a scrolling container if you choose.

You will need to know your affiliate profileName to use this widget. If you do not know it or do not have one, contact support@homefinder.com. Once you have this profileName, you can insert it into the JavaScript snippet, like this:

<div id="directoryPreview" ></div>
<script src="http://www.homefinder.com/widgets/js/widgetLoader.js"></script>
  (function () {
    var widget = new HomeFinder.Widgets.AdvertiserDirectory({
      container: 'directoryPreview',
      data: {
        profileName: 'carmount',
        maxCount: 6

Set the maxCount property to be the number of agents you wish to see at once. (Max: 50)

You may optionally set a page property indicates which page of results to return. You can use this to implement a "next" button to show more agents, or to automatically rotate through agents. The first page is page 1. Agent display order is randomized on each page, but not in between pages.